We fish all the major rivers in West Michigan including the Muskegon , Pere Marquette, Big Manistee, Grand & White Rivers! We mainly focus on Steelhead, Salmon & Trout but we also offer guided river trips for Walleye, Pike, Catfish and Smallmouth Bass in the summer. We own a fleet of river boats so we have the right boat for every river and situation including 2- 2015 custom made jet sleds powered with 140 HP jet outboards, 18′ Stealcraft Power Drifter, 15′ Hyde drift boat and even offer, single/multi person river pontoons to float small rivers where others can not go. All boats are equipped with the best fishing gear for action packed day on the river. Centerpin, spinning gear or Fly fishing, We know the rivers and techniques to get you on the fish.


 Big Manistee River Fishing Charters

The Big Manistee River is known for huge numbers of King Salmon that return to the river to spawn in the first 3 miles below Tippy dam. The fish spawn on a gravel bottom in 3-5 feet of water and with the rivers gin clear water it is easy to spot hundreds of fish everywhere you look. On these trips it is not uncommon for one of the anglers on the boat to have a fish on at all times. If you have never Fished the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam you have to come out and give this a try, you won’t believe your eyes!


 Detroit River Walleye Charters

Very limited number of openings, book early to insure a date. Learn the finer points ofvertical jigging on one of the most productive walleye river in the world. The Detroit Riverhosts a spring run of walleyes estimated between 10-12 million. Big Lake Erie walleyes and lots of them provide action for trophy class fish, and smaller “eaters” alike. This is hands on walleye fishing at its best. Late April through early May is hard to beat for those looking to catch sheer numbers of walleye. No experience jigging? No problem. We pride ourselves in our teaching approach to guided fishing. We offer high end rods and reels for use on all trips. Tournament rigged Lund boat




West Michigan Rivers

Western Michigan Rivers offer anglers a unique fishery for many different species unlike anywhere else in the world. The waters here are a myriad of downed trees, log jams, sandbars, gravel beds and gorgeous sweeping bends. This type of structure offers anglers many different types of habitat to target their efforts. The famous Pere MarquetteManistee,MuskegonGrand and White rivers are just several in a long list of rivers running through the western portion of our state.


Spring River Fishing- Steelhead & Walleye

In the early spring as soon as the snow starts to melt, huge numbers of steelhead will move from Lake Michigan into the river on their annual spawning run, this is a great time to cure that cabin fever and chase these fish. Steelhead will be in the river until mid spring. With their sky rocketing leaps, steelhead are a blast to catch. Most trips we deploy a few different tactiics that include, backbouncing tied spawn sacs while slipping the current with a small kicker motor. The technique lets us cover miles of river on a guided trip, it is easy for anyone to learn and puts a ton of fish in the boat. Floatfishing with Centerpin or spinning gear is another one of our favorite ways to target steelhead. This is a great way to fish and brings people back to their childhood as they wait with anticipation for their bobber to sink below the surface knowing there is a huge fish on the other end pulling it down. As bait under a float (Bobber) we normally will be fishing Beads, Yes, Beads. These beads have taken the steelhead and trout scene by storm. These are plastic beads that are the same size and color as Salmon or Steelhead Roe and are made to look like a single egg rolling down the river. They look sort of goofy but they are deadly.


River Fishing – Bass, Walleye, Pike and Trout

In the Summertime, we find Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Pike along any rocky bank or current break and target these fish using crankbaits and jigs. Though not always a limit catch, on most days anangler will bring home a few tasty fillets. Our Michigan Rivers offer tremendous trout fishing for not only the fly angler, but for traditional gear and centerpin anglers as well. Large numbers of rainbow trout and Brown trout call these waters home. As big and colorful as anywhere, the trout here are an anglers dream as they readily take seasonal offerings. Nearly all of these rivers receive large amounts of planter trout that are eager to bite all year long as well as some real trophy size fish.


Summertime Bass Fishing

Often overlooked is the spectacular summer smallmouth bass fishing. While perhaps not as large as their lake-born brethren, these fish are every bit as aggressive and put up a terrific fight, bulldogging in the current, only to launch themselves into the air repeatedly.


Late Summer Salmon Fishing

In late summer salmon start entering the systems inhabiting the deeper runs and logjams along the river bank. Chinook (King) and Coho salmon are major players in our salmon fishery averaging 12-20# but salmon are caught every year that are closing in on the 25# mark. These fish are tackle busting brutes with sheer power unlike any other freshwater fish. Their strikes are so aggressive an angler can have the rod ripped from their hand if not paying attention. We target these King Salmon with a few different techniques that include casting crankbaits (Thundersticks) , backbouncing skein and floatfishing with fresh Salmon roe under a float (Bobber). This is on of our most sought after trips and dates do fill up. So, if you are looking to get in on some King Salmon action on the Muskegon River, Manistee River, Betsie River, Pere Marquette River or the White River, give us a call today to book your charter.


Late October- Winter Spring Steelhead Fishing

In late October, with shorting days and cool rains, chrome steelhead ascend on the rivers with one thing on their mind. FOOD! These steelhead winter over in the river and are our prime target all winter long. It may be cold outside but the steelheading can be HOT. If we had to pick our favorite month to chase Steelhead, We would say November, hands down.

We offer Guide Services on these rivers year round and no matter the season there are always angling opportunities available. Book a trip today and you will not be disappointed.

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