Big Manistee River Fishing

We have multiple boats and guides to accommodate groups of any size.

The Big Manistee River is known for huge numbers of King Salmon and Steelhead that return to the river to spawn in the first 3 miles below Tippy dam that is located near the town of Wellston Michigan. The fish spawn on a gravel bottom in 3-5 feet of water and with the rivers gin clear water it is easy to spot hundreds of fish everywhere you look. We do not pursue fish that are actively spawning but instead look for fish that are holding in deeper pools nearby. On these trips it is not uncommon for one of the anglers on the boat to have a fish on at all times. If you have never Fished the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam you have to come out and give this a try, you won’t believe your eyes! We also guide the extreme lower section of the River where it flows into Manistee Lake near the City of Manistee. In this section of the Manistee river is filled with deep holding water and the fish are very fresh out of Lake Michigan. These fresh salmon and steelhead or very willing to chase down a casted Thunderstick or take a chunk or fresh skein suspended under a float.


Big Manistee River – Fall Salmon Fishing

On most years the Manistee River salmon normally start showing up in fishable numbers around the third week of Augest on the Manistee River as well as Betsie River, Pere Mariquette River  and White River.

 Techniques used on our guided King Salmon trips include casting crankbaits (Thunder sticks), Back bounching Skein and Floatfishing with fresh salmon roe under a float. We normally fish two different sections of this river that include to extreme lower section that is close to the city of Manistee as it dumps into Manistee Lake and the upper section that is just below the world famous Tippy Dam that is near the town of Wellston Michigan. Whether its getting the rod nearly yanked out of your hand from a huge King crushing a crankbait or watching your bobber drop out of sight as a salmon chomps on a fresh chunk of skein used as bait, these trips are a favorite among our customers and prime dates fill fast. If you want to give the Manistee River Kings or Steelhead a try in the fall, give us a call today. To ensure a date, book well in advance.

The Great Lakes Steelhead start migrating into the Big Manistee as the leaves start to fall in mid Octover. The steelhead fishing is hot since the Salmon are spawing, and the Steelhead are hot on their tail. With great weather, this ia a favorite for Manistee River Steelhead fishing. We have multiple boats and guides to accommodate groups of any size.

Winter – Big Manistee River Steelhead Fishing

With cold temperatures setting in, steelhead that are in the rivers move to their winter holding areas. At this time steelhead fishing becomes more predictable as the steelhead pile into slower deep water. With less competition from other anglers, the river is less crowded and more enjoyable. Equiped with heaters on the boat, it a great time to do some Winter Steelhead Fishing.

Spring Warmup – Big Manistee River Steelhead Fishing

With the first warmups in late February, Steelhead begin to feed on larva, flies and fry. This become the perfect setup for steelhead fly fishing in the Muskegon River.

Big Manistee River Steelhead Fishing Methods

Float fishing with centerpin, Back Bouncing, Drop back plugs, Casting plugs & Fly fishing