The Grand River is very different then all the other rivers we fish. It is a very large river that flows through down town Grand Rapids, MI. It is very strange to be steelhead fishing while looking up at huge skyscraper buildings but don’t let that fool you this river holds one of the largest runs of steelhead in our state. On an avarage trip in prime time we land well over 30 fish a trip. The waters close to 6th street dam in Grand Rapids recieves the most of the angling pressure so we mainly will fish a bit down stream from there where it is a little more scenic. This is big water and we have the 18′ jet boats to handle this river with ease. Call GLGS today to book your next trip

GLGS Recent Grand River Fishing Trips

Fall Action – Grand River Steelhead Fishing

The Great Lakes Steelhead start migrating into the Grand in early October and November is the prime time. The steelhead fishing at this time is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. With great weather, this is a very fun time to steelhead fish on the Grand..

Winter – Grand River Steelhead Fishing

With cold temperatures setting in, steelhead move to their winter holding areas. At this time steelhead fishing becomes more predictable as the steelhead pile into slower deep water. With less competition from other anglers, the river is less crowded and more enjoyable. We like to fish the slow moving, deep water with plugs set behind the boat and also floats/spawn. Equiped with heaters on the boat, it a great time to do some Winter Steelhead Fishing.

Spring – Grand River Steelhead Fishing

With the first warmups in late February, Steelhead begin flooding into the Grand in force. By mid March the season is in full swing and on most days we are boating dozens of steelhead. The steelhead season lasts well into April on most years.

Grand River Steelhead Fishing Methods

Float fishing with centerpin, Back Bouncing, Drop back plugs & Casting plugs.

Summer Smallmouth Bass & Catfish

The smallmouth fishing in the summer months is great on the Grand river. On most trips we are casting small crankbaits or plastics close to cover s


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