Michigan River Fishing

River Fishing Techniques

Steelhead, Salmon, Trout & Bass

Rivers we fish– Muskegon River, Manistee River, Pere Marquette River, Betsie River, White River, Grand River, Kalamazoo River & St. Joe River

Come fish in comfort about our brand new 2015 18′ custom jet boats powered by 140 HP  jet outboards.

Drift boat trips are also available – 15′ Hyde Drift Boats

all equipment and grilled lunch is provided.

Back Bouncing

By far this is our most effective method of putting big numbers of steelhead and salmon in the boat. While this technique has been around for years we have refined it by using an kicker motor to slip the current while bouncing your offering on and off the bottom. This keeps your bait in the strike zone and in the face of the fish. This method covers miles of river and is very easy to learn and puts a ton of fish in the boat. We were one of the first guide services to offer this proven technique in West Michigan. Click on the link below to check out Capt. Kyle’s back bouncing video with the Pautzke Bait Co. Pro Staff.



Centerpin / Float Fishing

This is nothing more than a fancy name for bobber fishing. When the bobber goes down set the hook!!! We use long (11′-13.5′) rods with quality centerpin, spinning or baitcasting reels for a drag free drift. This technique has your bait suspended under a float and hovering in the strike zone.  Having your bait suspended off from the bottom lets you fish above logs and snags where the fish are holding without getting hung up. People really enjoy this method because it brings them back to their childhood watching in anticipation for the bobber to drop. This is a great way to put a bunch of fish in the boat. We use this technique for mostly King Salmon and Steelhead but we do float fish for  just about any fish that swims in the river.

Casting Plugs

Casting plugs is our most requested trip for fall salmon. This is like bass fishing on steroids. We use 9′ medium action rods topped with quality spinning reels that are spooled with no stretch braided line. We will work the oars putting you in the perfect position to cast deep diving plugs tight to the cover where the salmon are hiding. There is no mistake when a salmon strikes, many times the rod has been nearly ripped from the anglers hands when they are not anticipating a strike. Once hooked the salmon go crazy with 100 yard runs and 6′ leaps. This is a very hands-on technique and an angler can really get a feel of how powerful a salmon can be. Many anglers that have fished all over the world have said there is no other freshwater fishing that compares to casting for salmon in the river. In late spring we scale down our equipment and use this technique to fish for trout. The fish are not as big, but the strikes are just as vicious!

Plug fishing (drop back)

When plug fishing we will put out 4 to 6 rods behind the boat with diving plugs, sit back, relax and watch the rods. We will work the boat through the run with the oars or electric motor, very slowly slipping the current.  When a fish hits the rod doubles over, the drag starts screaming and its game on! On most trips we bring along a few plug rods just in case you want to take a break from another fishing method or to set out while we eat lunch.


Chuck and Duck-Fly fishing

This method gets our flies to the river bottom behind spawning redds where the Salmon, Steelhead and Trout that are willing to bite typically hold. This is much like drift fishing with spinning gear but we use 9 WT. fly rods and reels spooled with mono line to lob the flies and weight. Flies tied in egg, stone, caddis and egg sucking leeches are most commonly used. Trout beads are also becoming popular using this rig. This is an easy to learn technique for beginners and experienced anglers wanting to try something new with a ton of hook-ups every trip.

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