Pere Marquette is a fairly small river that is world renowned for its huge runs of natural migretory King Salmon and Steelhead as well as some of the best resident trout fishing anglers can find anywhere else in the world. The waters here are a myriad of downed trees, log jams, sandbars, gravel beds and gorgeous sweeping bends. This type of structure offers anglers many different types of habitat to target their efforts. We offer drift boat trips on the Pere Marquette as well as jet boat charters where they are permitted. Call GLGS today to book your next trip

GLGS Recent Pere Marquette River Fishing Trips

Fall Action – Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing

The “PM” gets receives one of the earliest and largest runs of King Salmon in our area. On most years good numbers of salmon can be found in the river by mid August. Casting crankbaits like the Storm Thunderstick and coving water is a great way to boat a bunch of King Salmon but we also like to slow down and target pools with floats and fresh Salmon roe. We will continue to target the King Salmon until the steelhead start to show up. The Great Lakes Steelhead start migrating into the Pere Marquette as the leaves start to fall in mid October. The steelhead fishing is hot since the Salmon are spawing, and the Steelhead are hot on their tail. With great weather, this is a favorite time to chase the high flying Pere Marquette River Steelhead with a few bonus king salmon thrown in on most trips

Winter – Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing

With cold temperatures setting in, steelhead that are in the rivers move to their winter holding areas. At this time steelhead fishing becomes more predictable as the steelhead pile into slower deep water. With less competition from other anglers, the river is less crowded and more enjoyable. Equiped with heaters on the boat, it a great time to do some Winter Steelhead Fishing.

Spring Warmup – Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing

With the first warmups in late February, Steelhead begin to feed on larva, flies and fry. This become the perfect setup for steelhead fly fishing in the Pere Marquette River. At this time we also love to target these spring steelhead using centerpin gear.

Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing Methods

Float fishing with centerpin, Back Bouncing, Drop back plugs, Casting plugs & Fly fishing


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